Fairy cakes and spray starch

The fairy cakes were stacked up, precariously balanced on a plate, the pink icing dripped onto the work surface. The house was muddled in that organised way, outwardly it looked a mess but I was fully aware of where everything was. Picking up the laundry basket I moved upstairs, the baby murmured as I walked up the stairs, that fourth floorboard always creaked. Sticking my head round the door I tried desperately not to wake her, her little fingers curled and flexed. Her baby scent permeated the spray starch scented air. Toys were strewn across the floor and the curtain fluttered in the breeze. I smiled, still so excited that she was here, not quite able to believe that after nine months of carrying her she was finally here. A form that I knew so well yet had never seen, those eyes filled with wonder and curiosity, how pleased I was to meet you.